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AUGUST 05, 2017


We have a limited number of seats available to a maximum of 50 youth for this year on a first come, first served basis. A nominal fee will be collected at the club during registration to cover the daily insurance costs for each participant. The program is geared for youth from 12 to 17 years old. All youth are to be accompanied for the entire day by a parent or guardian. Any questions PLEASE contact us.


Contact information for pre-registration is listed below.

Mr. Wendell Smith 709 686 5228

Mr. Liam Parfitt 709 660 9999

EMAIL Contact us at

[email protected]


The event is to be held on Saturday, August 05, 2017, starting at 9AM

and will go ahead rain or shine. Please dress and bring clothing according to the weather conditions. A free lunch will be available for all in attendance.

To register your youth contact us by phone, through the email address listed above, or through this email address. Youth must be pre-registered for the event.

Thank you for your interest towards our partnered program for the Youth of Newfoundland and Labrador in developing those necessary skills for our outdoors sports and conservation activities. The skills and lessons learned by our youth on this day will be an introduction for many to a lifetime of safely enjoying the great outdoors and wilderness activities.


A Government survey is currently being conducted online regarding the hunting age. Please share this link with everyone that has a vested interested in hunting activity.




In attendance for the day will be Archery Instructors, members of the Deer Lake Search and Rescue team who will be doing outdoor wilderness awareness and survival training, media from the Western Star, NTV News are being invited, members of the Dept. of the Fisheries and Land Resources, Wildlife Division, and Firearms Instructors. A member of the local Canadian Firearms Office in Corner Brook will be speaking on the Minor's License Application process and general firearms licensing requirements.




For all of our members...Should you wish to be part of any of our programs, or are available to volunteer for those types of activities which includes this one, PLEASE contact us. Volunteering is very important to the success of our activities and programs. Your time is greatly appreciated at the UHRGA. Should you have some time to give us during this event, please make us aware of your interest... Without dedicated people like you coming forward sharing your time and skills, programs such as this would not be able to exist. Youth and Student membership is also available. For information on becoming a member of the UHRGA, You will find a membership application under "membership" on our home page


Please visit the photo gallery for past years Youth Skills Event

Remember to copy both sides of your PAL and include the fees with your membership application.


Thank You and hoping to see you at our event!

Please share this message.


Wendell Smith

Pres., UHRGA


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The annual 2017 memorial shoot will be going ahead on Sunday June 25, 2017. Registration will start at 9:30 AM with the shoot starting at 10:00.

This year we will be shooting 50 singles, 50 doubles and 50 handicap. It will be a registered Big 50 event if any of the registered shooters would like to register their scores.

This event is open to anyone who would like to participate so please email to anyone you think would be interested in participating, all are welcome.

There will be a 22 shooting event going on for the Memorial shoot if anyone would like to participate as well. You can shoot just the trap event, 22 event or both. Everyone needs to bring their own ammunition. Shotgun sizes of # 7 1/2 or

#8 are required.


The 22 event will consist of three categories. Pistol, rifle with scopes and iron sights. It is all for fun in the spirit of shooting sports to honour those members of our association who have passed on. Lets have a day to remember them.

Bring along your friends!

The range set up and direction for the 22 shoots will be done under the direction and guidance of Al Skinner from the Stephenville Club. The Stephenville club has offered to bring along their Steel Challenge targets for our memorial shoot. I will be running the range for the 22 shooting activity with some help.


Please be sure that you have your membership and insurance cards cards and other documents or cards required to bringing your firearms to the club.


Lunch will be provided at the club as a shared expense based on the numbers who show up for the event.

See the attached brochure regarding the trap event. Any questions please email or give me a call. Wendell Smith 686 5228 /or cell at 638 9871....... Dave Batstone at 634 6306


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Please remember to keep using the mail box and mail slot at the back bridge of the clubhouse, west end, to register your visits to the UHRGA range.

Your name, the date and time of your visit, which calibers you used, and how many rounds spent should be recorded on those index cards. This information is to be transfered to our log books later by one of our Executive or Board members. This information keeps us in line with the requirements of the CFO. By doing so and in particular should you own restricted or prohibited firearms, you must be able to demonstrate that you have used your firearm/s at an approved, registered and licensed range. This information and our log books was just reviewed by the Canadian Firearms Officials who recently visited and inspected our ranges and facilities. While it is your responsibility to fill in those cards, It is intended for your protection to follow and abide with this request.

Remember too that any of your guests who shoot MUST have insurance coverage. If they are a member of another club which has the same or equivelant coverage, they must show their current coverage card before any shooting activity. Any of your family members or guests who does not have an individual UHRGA Membership and NFA Insurance card, or equivelant as noted above, then they must pay the daily rate of $5.00 to cover the insurance cost. You, as a member of our Association, are responsible to ensure that insurance is carried or coverage is provided for your family members and guests during those visits. If the visiting family member or guest does not have insurance then please put the name of those persons on individual envelopes provided in the mail box. Make certain that the date and time of the visit is also recorded and with the fee enclosed, place each envelope in the mail slot prior to any shooting activity. This protects you, your family members and guest as well as others during your visits. If there is a shooting event going on which you are participating in and registering for, these fees will be collected prior to the event and all those names will recorded accordingly. Collected fees for insurance will be forwarded to the NFA insurance at a later date.

Membership application forms can be found on our website.They are available for New Members, Renewals, Youth and Students. For post secondary education, Student ID or proof of registration in an approved post secondary institution, university or college is required. Our NFA insurance has a $5,000,000 liability policy. That policy can be viewed under the website of the NFA, National Firearms Association.


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We will kick off the start of the 2017 trap season this Thursday May 4th at 6:30 pm. Cost per round of trap is $5.00. Please bring your own ammo in sizes of # 7 1/2 or # 8 shot. On an average we shoot 3 – 4 rounds per night but you can shoot as many as you like. If you know of anyone who would like to give this sport a try bring them along, all including the ladies are welcome. If you are not a member of the club or a shooting club there will be a daily charge of $5.00 for the cost of insurance to shoot.

Right now the weather is looking good for Thursday though a little on the cool side so dress warm. I’m looking forward to shooting with you all again this year. We had a very successful year last year with tremendous growth in the number of shooters, lets promote this sport and see if we can grow even larger.

Break em all,



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Rizzini Model BR320 O/U 12 Gauge Sporting Clays Shotgun


Italian-made. 32” barrels, 2 ¾” chambers. Includes five Rizzini flush steel shot chokes (F, M, IM, IC, CL), 2 Briley flush skeet chokes, two Briley extended IC chokes, stock wrench, allen adjusting wrench, and choke wrench/thread cleaning tool. Also includes manual, three-latch combination locking Rizzini case, and velvet-like sleeves for barrels and stock, as seen in photo on our photo gallery. Excellent condition. $2700. Shipping and insurance not included.


Contact: [email protected] or phone (709) 634-1671.


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Our province wide exciting event will be taking place on Feb.18th, 2017

Our registration and scoring will be starting at 9AM at our facilities at 177 Goose Arm Road in Deer Lake. Registration will be accepted up to 3PM.

Please make every effort to report early in the day for registration in order not to make a bottle neck effect for scoring at the last moments. You will need to bring along the 2016- 2017 hunting license / number with which your trophy was taken. This is part of the registration process and must be adhered to.

Should you not be able to join us personally on that day but wish to participate in our competition, you can contact us to make arrangements to accept your trophy, license number, and fees prior to the event.

A registration fee of $15.00 per registered trophy will be collected.

Lunch will be available for the day at nominal fees.

We have excellent prizes for First, Second and Third places for each of the categories of Moose, Caribou and Black Bear.

We have other prizes to award which the club has adopted over the years, such as the "Most Unique Antler" , "Committee's Choice" and others...

EVERYONE who registers a trophy will take away some prize.

Prizes must be accepted as presented and cannot be changed.

PLEASE REMEMBER that the "Major Prize" is a draw from the names of all the registered participants. For this prize you do not need a big trophy, even the smallest rack or skull can win!!! Come along for the day and join us in the fun activities. Bring along your family and join us on this exciting day.

We want to Thank and Congratulate all our past entrants and prize winners for your participation in our events and wish you every continued success with your outdoor and hunting activities. We sure hope to see you and your family at our event again this year. Spread the word! Bring your friends.



Will be held on the evening of SATURDAY Feb. 25th. starting at 7:30 PM

This is by far our most successful social event and so much enjoyed by everyone who attends.

An EXCELLENT BBQ STEAK DINNER is served and a dance afterwards adds to a wonderful and exciting evening filled with so much fun and entertainment. Music by: D.J. Earl Blake

Tickets for this event are extremely popular! We are sold out very quickly. So get yours soon. Tickets are $50.00 double.

Hope to see you with us for the evening.


John Anstey 709 635 5460

Tony Wiseman 709 635 7179

John Randell 709 635 5415

Positions Available for Members

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The Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association is looking for members to fill our positions on the Executive and Board. Should you have an interest in or know of some potential persons for those positions, please let us know.


We are looking for nominations to fill the Executive position of Secretary.

We are also looking for nominations to fill 2 Board positions as Directors


It had been noted that since the Sergeant-at-Arms position is an Officer of the Association (Executive) and not a Board member as such, although he is also a member of the Board of Directors. Sherman Peddle serves on the Executive in that capacity. This leaves us another open position on the Board. This is a good thing as another member can now step up to fill the vacant Board position.


Thank you for your consideration,

Wendell Smith




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       The Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association

Here is the newly elected Executive and Board of Directors for 2017.


As you can see we still have a position available for Secretary 

Should you have an interest in this position, then please come forward and advise us of your interest.


On behalf of the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association, "Thank You" for coming forward to fill those positions in 2017. We value your time with us. Its the start of the new year and a new season with great opportunities and expectations. Lets get inspired. Your individual commitment to the group effort is what makes our team stronger. Together, we continue to serve our members, guests, user groups, and community in promoting the club objectives through our outdoor interests and shooting sports activities. For those who will be leaving your leadership roles, the whole team would like to express our sincere gratitude for the support, guidance, and inspiration you have given us.

We wish you good health, happiness and every success with your future endeavors.



President                                 Wendell Smith

Vice President                         John Anstey

Secretary                                 ------------------

Treasurer                                 Eugene Anstey

 Sgt. at Arms                            Sherman Peddle


Director                                    Eugene Tiller

Director                                    Joe Callahan

Director                                    Brian Manual

Director                                    Ivan Nichols

Director                                    Wilfred Rideout

Director                                    Samual Butt

Director                                    Floyd Thomas

Director                                    Myron King 

Trap Chairperson                    Dave Batstone

Membership Chairperson       Sherman Peddle  (Pending)

Range Committee                   Tony Wiseman

Rental and Bookings               John Randell




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Our AGM and election of officers will be held on Monday, January 23rd at 7PM at the Clubhouse on 177 Goose Arm Road in Deer Lake... ALL MEMBERS are asked to Please make every effort to attend. We hope to see you there and that you give serious consideration to putting your name forward for a position with the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association.