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Youth Skills Event .... Saturday, August 25 / 2018. 

Should you have family and friends with youth who are interested in taking in the excitement of the Youth Day activities, then get them involved. This information will be available on our website under NEWS. www.upperhumberrodandgun.com.

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources - Wildlife Division - will be partnering with us again this summer for a full-day youth event on Saturday, August 25 at the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association at 177 Goose Arm Road in Deer Lake. This year we will be welcoming Delta Water Fowl as a sponsor to our youth programs. Thanks Delta and the members of our local Humber Valley Chapter!!!

Thanks also to The Stephenville Shooting Club and the Bay of Islands Rod and Gun Club in Corner Brook for their contribution towards this years event. We are expecting Volunteers from both clubs assisting us this year. It does us all good to be able to come together on a common cause of promoting the great outdoor activities to our youth. With safety being the priority concern for everyone involved in any shooting activity, practices for safe hunting and the shooting sports for our youth are given the utmost attention. 

The event will provide an opportunity for our youth aged 12-17 to participate in shotgun, rifle, and archery in a safe environment under the direct supervision and guidance of qualified instructors and volunteers. There will be a nominal registration fee of $10.00 per youth to participate in this event. A lunch will be provided at no extra costs.

All firearms, archery equipment, and related safety gear will be provided by the Wildlife Division.

Participants will also learn about wildlife conservation, outdoor safety, wilderness survival, responsible hunting practices, and the minor's Possession Acquisition License Program.

There will be opportunities for youth to win prizes, and those participants between 12 to 17 years old will have their name entered in the Youth Hunting and Fishing Exchange Program draw for a chance to participate in hunting or fishing activity in another province. 

During lunch time, a competition to identify animals, ducks and other game birds, the judging of distances to animal and bird silhouettes, and other interesting material will be held. 

Youth will also be given some instruction on using compasses. There will also be a session on taking or reading compass bearings and giving distances between markers which will be a part of the competition.

Participants are required to pre-register for the event. Registration will take place on a first-come, first-served basis until all our 50 spaces are filled. All youth in attendance must be accompanied by a parent and / or guardian for the entire day. 

We are accepting a maximum of 50 youth for this years event. The Youth will be divided into 4 groups with each group rotating through all of the programs in a timely manner.

The event will go ahead, rain or shine so dress according to weather conditions. Bring along rain gear and remember also to bring along sun block and hat. We are all aware of our ever changing Newfoundland weather conditions.

Thank you for your interest in our partnered program for the Youth of Newfoundland and Labrador in developing those necessary skills for our outdoor sports and conservation activities. The skills and lessons learned by our youth on this day will be an introduction for many to a lifetime of safely enjoying the great outdoors and wilderness activities which we share. 

In attendance for the day will be Archery Instructors, members of the Deer Lake Search and Rescue team who will be doing outdoor wilderness awareness and survival training, media from the Western Star, NTV News are being invited, members of the Dept. of the Fisheries and Land Resources, Wildlife Division, Members from Delta Waterfowl and Firearms Instructors, members of the Stephenville Shooting Club, and members of the Bay of Islands Rod and Gun Club. A member of the local Canadian Firearms Office in Corner Brook will be speaking on the Minor's License Application process and general firearms licensing requirements.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED / PLEASE ADVISE if you can assist during the day.

Volunteers are very important to the success of our activities and programs. Should you have some time to give us during this event, please make us aware of your interest... I believe that last year we had 29 persons come to assist us in the days event. This made for a very successful event with smooth transition through the entire program. Without treasured persons as yourself who come forward giving of your time and sharing your skills, programs such as this would not be possible. Your dedication and time with us is greatly appreciated.

Please visit the photo gallery for past years Youth Skills events 


Should you need directions to the event, you can go to "Directions" on our web site... by entering the destination as : The Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association, Deer Lake, NL and enter where you are starting from, the Google map feature will give you specific driving directions which you can print, if needed.


***Contact information for pre-registration is listed below. Should there be any medical conditions, allergy or other concerns, please advise upon pre-registration. We will be contacting everyone on the evening prior to the event confirming you are coming. That way no seat will be left unattended.

Wendell or Wanda Smith 709 686 5228

EMAIL Contact us at  :


[email protected]


* Name of Participant / s 

* Age 

* Parent or Guardian who will be attending with them for the day 

* Address 

* Contact and alternate phone numbers

* Special Note (Allergy, Medical Condition etc.)

Schedule of Events: AUGUST 25 / 2018 

9:00: Registration 

9:30: General Welcome and Introductions 

9:40: Firearms / Range Safety

10:00 - 12:00: Concurrent Sessions

12:00 - 1:00: Lunch / Wildlife Contest

1:00 -- 3:00: Concurrent Sessions

3:00 -- 4:00: Closing Remarks, Prizes, Group Photo 

A link to the Government on Newfoundland and Labrador news release.


Thank You !


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Good Day Fellow Members !

Thank You for being a part of the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association and for your continued support.

To all our sponsors, supporting groups, user groups, and businesses who helped us out with your time, prizes, or other contributions made throughout the year towards our events and daily operations of the Upper Humber, we sincerely appreciate all you have done. Without the community support shown over the years, we would not have been able to continue with the programs offered at our association. Thanks also to each of our many volunteers who came out to participate in events and maintenance issues.


For all those who have recently joined the club membership, these are the team members serving you on the Executive and Board of Directors for 2018: From our Election at our AGM in January.

The elected members from our AGM are as follows ;

• Wendell Smith President

• John Anstey Vice President

• xxxxxxxxx Secretary

• Eugene Anstey Treasurer

• Brian Manual Sergeant at Arms 

Serving you on the Board of Directors are;

• Alfred Ford Director

• Sam Butt Director

• Ivan Nichols Director

• Eugene Tiller Director

• Tony Wiseman Director

• Wilfred Rideout Director

• Sherman Peddle Director and Membership Chairperson

• Myron King Director and IPSC Chairperson

Range Committee members are;

• Tony Wiseman Chairperson

• Ed Andrews

• Daniel Whelan

• Sherman Peddle

• Wendell Smith

Trap Committee Chairperson; David Batstone

with Ed Andrews being an alternate

Bookings and Rentals John Randell

***On Behalf of the Executive and Board of Directors, I Thank all those who have served positions with us in the past and for those dedicating their time to serve us this year. We are a team of dedicated volunteers giving of our time and skills to the long term and continued successes of the UHRGA. Please note that the Secretary position is still available. If this position is of interest to you, then come forward and make yourself known to us.

 ***Eugene Anstey who was a Charter member of our Association has moved to Nova Scotia to be with his family. As a result he has resigned his position as club Treasurer.

***Joan Saunders from Deer Lake has come forward to take over this very important position for the Upper Humber. Joan comes to us with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and has worked for BMO Bank of Montreal from 1972 to 2007 with numerous positions being held including, Branch Manager, Senior Manager, and Project Leader for Eastern Canada. Joan has been Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce for nearly 10 years, Treasurer of the Deer Lake Minor Hockey for approximately 12 years. She has a long list of extended services to other groups over many years. We extend a big Thank You to Joan for coming forward to join our team as we wish her an enjoyable experience here with the Association.

***On behalf of the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association, I wish to Thank Eugene Anstey for the valued time and dedication he has given to us since 1983. The Thanks also extends to his wife Bonnie for allowing him the time he has dedicated to us, as well as the time she herself has helped out during our events at the club and all the other things she has help with over the years. The Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association recognizes the importance of the role both of you have taken for the Association. For all you have done to ensure our continued success, we will be forever grateful and appreciative. You will always be remembered by the members of this Association for your contribution of time and effort. As you enjoy your time with family in Nova Scotia, we wish you and Bonnie good health and much happiness in your future. I have been reminded to mention that we all will be missing Eugene around the grille with those delicious steaks he paid such close attention to while bringing out those flavours. Well Done Eugene !!!

***Dave Batstone has taken some time off from the Trap Chairperson position this season. Louis Fequet has taken over the position with Ed Andrews filling in for him. Many Thanks to Dave, Louis and Ed for all the work they do promoting Trap and the outdoors shooting sports. They have all done and continue to do exceptional work for the Association. Thanks Guys!


Trap shooting events are scheduled for the summer on Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM. Shooters are asked to be there a bit early to assist with set up if necessary.

Trap shooting had a slow start this season because of the extended snow and colder weather. Trap shooting has been bringing in more shooters as the weather conditions improved. Most evenings lately bring our around 15 shooters to the evening events. Trap will continue on Thursday evenings into the fall until the evening day light hours become less. Trap events will then be changed to Sunday afternoons after that time.

Please be sure to bring along your own ammo for a fun evening of shooting. Guests are welcome. The cost for a round of trap (25 targets) is $5.00. We are Looking forward to seeing you all there on Thursday evenings. If you know of a friend who would like to try this exciting sport, then by all means bring them along.


***Remember that guests who wish to shoot and do not have insurance or are not members of another club and / or cannot show proof of the same or equivalent insurance are required to pay the insurance fee of $5.00 for the day.


We are looking at having a Memorial Day Trap shoot. Date of the event is scheduled for Sunday, August 19th. There will be a 22 rifle shoot to this years event. Please watch for the poster in the very near future. We have done this in the past and had lots of fun with it. 

I just recently received the poster from Louis and was waiting for completion of this newsletter before sending it along.

All are Welcome to come along and take part in TRAP Shooting, or the 22 shoot or both. Thanks to Louis Fequet and the Trap Team for coordinating the Memorial Trap shoot. Come along for the day to remember our loved members. Each of them also enjoyed those same shooting sports we enjoy so much today.


at the UPPER HUMBER ROD and GUN ASSOCIATION will be held at our club range at 177 Goose Arm Road in Deer Lake in September. Dates are posted below for the scheduled days prior to the hunting season.

The club will be assisting hunters to sight in their firearms prior to the up-coming hunting season. This will help with your marksmanship skills ensuring proper shot placement and hopefully a more successful hunting season with no losses or wounded animals escaping. This will also alert you of any firearms issues giving you time to correct any identified troubles prior to the hunting season.Schedule of events:


Sept 03........Monday............... ...................6PM to 8PM

Sept 04........Tuesday............... ...................6PM to 8PM

Sept 05........Wednesday..............................6PM to 8PM

Sept 06........Thursday.................................6PM to 8PM

Sept 08........Friday......................................6PM to 8PM


Persons wishing alternate times can call

Wendell Smith.......709 686 5228

Tony Wiseman......709 635 7179

John Randell.........709 635 5415 

***Hunters are responsible for the safe transport of all their firearms to and from the facility and to make sure you carry with you your current club membership card and NFA insurance card.

For those who are not members please be sure to pick up your permits to carry your firearms to the range from the authorities. They are available from the RNC, The Dept. of Fisheries and Land Resources, the Dept. of Natural Resources, and the Dept. of Justice.

PLEASE BRING ALONG ADEQUATE AMMO for your sighting purposes.

Contact us for more information at :

John Randell ............635-5415

Wendell Smith .........686-5228

Sherman Peddle .......215-0254

Dan Whelan .............634-2847

Tony Wiseman..........635 7179

John Anstey..............635-5460 

A small fee per rifle will be collected. A portion of the funds collected will be passed along to a charitable foundation. ALL shooters will have to sign the register and non-members will pay a $6.00 fee to help cover costs and daily insurance rates, prior to any shooting activity. A portion of the fees collected will be forwarded to The Western Memorial Hospital Foundation so that the entire community benefits from our activity. From time to time, we also make donations to the JANEWAY Hospital helping our children and their families in their time of need.

While at the range Hearing and Eye protection is mandatory for everyone near any shooting area and must be worn at all times during shooting activity. The club has a supply of the safety equipment on hand which should be adequate but will depend on the numbers of people present. Please bring along your own safety equipment if you have them.


Hello all!

UHRGA IPSC group members (both from UHRGA and outside!),

***Congrats again to our newest IPSC Black Badge holders, May 26-27 / 2018 was a great weekend of learning and shooting and all involved seemed to enjoy a wonderful time and fellowship while at the club and range.

***Just dropping you this email to provide an update regarding our 2018 request for match days at the UHRGA. We have been tentatively authorized to hold IPSC events on the following dates: PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGES.

1. June 23 (Sat)

2. July 22 (Sun)

3. August 18 (Sat)

4. September 22 (Sat)

5. October 7 (Sun) 

***UHRGA Members and their guests are welcomed to drop by to the grounds to view the exciting competition matches.

Of course only those who have done the Black Badge Certification and IPSC training can participate in the events. 

You must not enter the range or interfere with range activity. The RSO has FULL CONTROL over the event and you. Please follow all instructions given and stay well behind any barriers put in place. This is for your safety.

For all those participating, Please mark those dates down and plan ahead to come out for some good IPSC shooting.

Note: The dates are 'tentative' such that we could be requested by UHRGA to release any date due to unforeseen circumstances. While the chances of cancellation are low, I am advising that a confirmation email will be sent on the Friday before each IPSC date to confirm its 'go' status. Any date cancellations received in advance will also be shared.

Should you have any questions regarding IPSC, drop an email to:

Myron King UHRGA board member and IPSC chair

myron.[email protected] 

YOUTH HUNTER SKILLS WORKSHOP. Please see under  separate NEWS



This is a very exciting time for us at the UHRGA....During your recent visits you may have noticed that range expansion work has been being ongoing for the new rifle range addition.

We had previously bought in a contractor and had allocated funds to this end. Unfortunately, we ( contractor ) ran into a problem with the equipment which caused us some delays. Since that time, Tony Wiseman and members of the Range Committee have contacted other equipment operators. To this end, we are pleased to inform you that a new contractor was onsite the week of July 09 for a few days ....We now have the range area cleared from trees and brush and are looking at contractors to take us to the next phase of the construction process which will be in building the backstop and side berms. We now have contacted the contractor with the best pricing and they will be onsite on JULY 30 to continue with the next phase of the construction process. 

Notices as to range activity or periodic closures will be posted accordingly. Please keep watching the calendar on our web site. While we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause, we are also looking forward to the completion of the this extension process. This will be done in phases as funding allows for progress. If you are not sure if the range is available for your visit, please contact us through this email. [email protected] or call the numbers below. Please note that an email severals days prior to your visit would be appreciated. As we travel and enjoy our vacation times, we may not always have access to internet services to respond quickly.

New Safety Guidelines and Range Rules will be applied to the range activity after the work is completed. These will be worked on and upgraded accordingly as we consult with the CFO and our Range Committee. 

Wendell Smith 709 686 5228

Tony Wiseman 709 635 7179

John Randell 709 635 5415 


We all look forward to that day when we can safely and finally take that " LONG SHOT ".


Remember to keep using the mail box and mail slot at the back bridge of the clubhouse, west end, to register your visits to the UHRGA range.

Your name, the date and time of your visit, which calibers you used, and how many rounds spent should be recorded on those index cards. This information is to be transferred to our log books later by one of our Executive or Board members. This information keeps us in line with the requirements of the CFO. By doing so and in particular should you own restricted or prohibited firearms, you must be able to demonstrate that you have used your firearm/s at an approved, registered and licensed range. This information and our log books was just reviewed by the Canadian Firearms Officials who visited earlier this year and inspected our ranges and facilities. It is your responsibility to fill in those cards. It is intended for your protection to follow through with this request.

Remember too that any of your guests who shoot MUST have insurance coverage. If they are a member of another club which has the same or equivalent coverage, they must show their current coverage card before any shooting activity. Should any of your family members or guests not have an individual UHRGA Membership and NFA Insurance card, or equivalent as noted above, then they must pay the daily rate of $5.00 to cover the insurance cost. You, as a member of our Association, are responsible to ensure that insurance is carried or coverage is provided for your family members and guests during those visits. If the visiting family member or guest does not have insurance then please put the name of those persons on individual envelopes provided in the mail box. Make certain that the date and time of the visit is also recorded and the fee enclosed, place each envelope in the mail slot prior to any shooting activity. This protects you, your family members and guest as well as others during your visits. If there is a shooting event going on which you are participating in and registering for, these fees will be collected prior to the event and all those names will recorded accordingly. Collected fees for insurance will be forwarded to the NFA insurance at a later date.

Membership application forms can be found on our website.They are available for New Members, Renewals, Youth and Students. For post secondary education, Student ID or proof of registration in an approved post secondary institution, university or college is required. Our NFA insurance has a $5,000,000 liability policy. That policy can be viewed under the website of the NFA, National Firearms Association.

Here is a link to our membership Applications.




In February we had our Big Game competition. We had a large attendance again this year. Many persons came from all over to take in the event.

PLEASE NOTE : The results are Not in any winning order...


#1........... Sam Butt ..........................69 7/8

#2...........Glenden Cull ...................146 4/8

#3...........Dave Rodgers..................126 4/8

#4...........Joey Vokey.......................144 3/8

#5...........Deon Dicks.......................131 0/8

#6...........Daniel Sacrey...................128 2/8

#7...........Branden Caravan.............153 7/8

#8...........Colton Simms...................127 1/8

#9...........Kyle Hackett.....................138 6/8

#10.........Jarvis Elliott......................156 2/8

#11.........Terry Maher.........................75 7/8

#12.........Loretta Parsons................155 2/8

#13.........Jeremy Pope....................173 7/8


#1..........Dave Gullage......................250 2/8

#2..........Leslie Wiseman..................262 3/8

#3..........Steve Erdland.....................285 4/8


#1..........Stephen Erdland .................. 20 9/16

#2..........Bobby Cull.............................17 2/16

#3..........Garrett Gaudett.....................19 10/16

#4..........Larry Byrne............................16 12/16

#5..........Perry Savoury........................19 4/16

#6..........Daniel Robinson....................19 4/16

#7..........Tony Allen..............................19 13/16

#8..........Jeff Samson...........................15 1/16

#9..........Robin Perry.............................20 1/16

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. We hope to see everyone back again next year. Good Hunting and thanks for taking part in our exciting annual competition. Again, Many Thanks to our sponsors, businesses and supporting groups making this all happen.


Please note that an area has been cleared for archery targets. There are 2 target stands on a cleared field on the Eastern side of the trap ranges where the old water slides were. All we need to put in place are the actual targets to make it useful. The area is cleared to approximately 100 M. This is for regular target arrows only. Hunting arrows are not permitted at this time. Keep safety always in mind. This area will be free for your use...unless there is trap activity ....which is usually held on Thursday evenings or on special activity days or days when club bookings does not allow.. We advise you to be cautious in this area due to the old pool and ditching that has been left over from years ago. This area to be marked in the near future. The old pool is clearly visible and filled with old trees. The ditching may not be so evident during your visit if the grass is high. This could be a temporary setup until other work on the facilities is completed. Please advise me directly of your interest in this activity. Call Wendell at 709 686 5228. 


Our annual Rodger Saunders Memorial Dart tournament was another successful event this year with teams coming from local areas to take part in the days event.

The results of the day found this team to be the winners.

Andrew Crocker

Travis Thornhill

Dennis Ellsworth

Daniel Gilley

Jamie Bennett 

Congratulations to all on the winning 2018 team. Our appreciation goes out to everyone who visited for the Memorial Dart event and sharing the day with us! Rodger Saunders would have been proud you took the time to be there.

Because everyone pitched in to help out, the day went rather quickly and things were cleaned up early. That is greatly appreciated by all. Thanks Everyone.

This was a great "Team Effort" shown by all in attendance.


Anyone wishing to participate in a scheduled shooting event for Big Bore with and without scopes... and Small Bore 22 are to let me know. If there is enough interest we can make it happen. If you wish to volunteer your time to an event such as this Please contact me through this email or at home at 686 5228 to discuss your views and interest. Perhaps there is something else we can do as a club such as hikes or other.

YES! We can make it happen. It can be just a phone call away.


I am looking at doing a map and compass course at the club in the near future and testing the waters for interest. There will be a nominal fee collected for the course. (Fee to be announced) Any one interested, please contact me directly. There will be a limited seating capacity of 20 to 24 persons in order to provide a good quality program. This could be offered several times as time allows. A certificate from the UHRGA would be issued recognizing your participation. Please contact Wendell Smith at

709 686 5228 or email me with the subject heading "Map and Compass" [email protected] 

Anyone interested in the below activities.... for our membership and family members.

Canoe Trip  


Fly Tying and Casting?

Wilderness Survival Training?

Day hike in Gros Morne National Park? 

Visit to Norris Point Marine Centre? 





The Dinner and Dance was held in February. It was another extraordinary success.

Tickets sold swiftly and we were again filled to capacity. A wonderful evening was shared by everyone in attendance, everyone especially enjoyed those BBQ charbroiled steaks and the dinner. Music for the evening was supplied by DJ--- Earl Blake. It was a great evening of fun and entertainment.


Dinner and Dance Social Party


A Dinner and Dance will be happening sometime in September. Stay connected as to the events and particulars of the evening become known to us. This will unfold as plans are currently being made. The event will be posted in the near future..


Town of Deer Lake Students


We have had some students on the range again this summer helping keep our grounds and facilities clean. Thanks to the Town of Deer Lake we share them through a Summer Student employment program. If you are on the range and see them working around. Please allow them the time to safely complete their tasking.



***Thank You for allowing me your valued time today. This gives you an insite of activities at our facilities and possib ilities for future events. We look forward to your visits at our facilities, ranges, and many events at the club. Should you wish to see some special events or programs at the Upper Humber, then by all means contact us of your interest.


Stay Safe and Enjoy your summer!


Wendell Smith

President, UHRGA

Deer Lake, NL


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             News Letter

Coming Soon as dates are being

finalized. Please Keep Watching 


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Big Bull Competition Event   Feb 10

Big Bull Dinner and Dance   Feb 17

This is such an exciting time of the year! We are anxious as we wait for the annual Big Bull Competition.

At the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association we look forward to seeing the province's hunting interests come together in celebration and recognition for those successful with harvesting our Big Game species. During past years events we have scored many World Class trophies so we never know when we will get to see another beautiful trophy of this class or to hear that hunting story.

Prizes will be awarded based on the highest scoring for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each of three categories; Moose, Caribou, and Black Bear. The animals must be taken during and under license for the 2017 / 2018 NL Big Game hunting season. Proof must be given in license numbers while registering. Other prizes will be awarded as per committee choice, the most unique rack, and others. There will be a draw from all the registered entrants for a major prize. Even the smallest of racks or skulls could win a major prize. Food and beverage services will be provided throughout the day. More information will follow. Any questions can be directed through the email address below.

Registration fee of $15 per rack or skull entered.

Last years scores are on our News Letter on our web site. Visit the Photo Gallery to view past years events.


Visit our website.


Last years response to our provincial wide Big Bull Competition was exceptionally well attended. It was by far the best event in many years. We are looking forward to having another successful and even better attended event this year.

The event is in two parts with the actual scoring and competition event being held on Feb. 10.

The BBQ Steak Dinner and Dance will be on Feb 17th. Music for the Dance has already been booked. Posters are currently being made for the Big Bull Competition Event. They will be available for distribution within the communities in the near future. Tickets for the Dinner and Dance will be on sale soon at $60.00 double. Single tickets will be available at $30.00 each. Tickets are limited so get yours soon...

Our Big Bull Competition commitee will be having another meeting Tuesday, Feb 06 after our regular monthly meeting. Meetings will start at 7PM at the club house on Goose Arm Road. If you wish to help us out, then please contact me at 709 686 5228 or through this email

[email protected]

Please share this message with our members who do not have email or those who may not yet be on our contact list.

For those already on the Big Bull Committee, We are hoping to see you tomorrow evening !

Contact 635 5415 John Randell

              635 7179 Tony Wiseman

              635 7179 John Anstey



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Good Morning Everyone

I want to Congratulate the 2018 Executive and Board of Directors and to Thank each of them for coming forward to serve with us. Wishing them every success in their endeavors!


On the Executive are;

• Wendell Smith     President

• John Anstey        Vice President

• xxxxxxxxx            Secretary

• Eugene Anstey    Treasurer

• Brian Manual       Sargent at Arms

On the Board of Directors are;


• Alfred Ford               Director

• Sam Butt                  Director

• Ivan Nichols             Director

• Eugene Tiller           Director

• Tony Wiseman        Director

• Wilfred Rideout       Director

• Sherman Peddle    Director and Membership Chairperson

• Myron King            Director and IPSC Chairperson


Range Committee members are;


• Tony Wiseman       Chairperson

• Ed Andrews

• Daniel Whelan

• Sherman Peddle

• Wendell Smith


Trap Committee Chairperson;       David Batstone with Ed Andrews being an alternate

Bookings and Rentals                   John Randell


On Behalf of the Executive and Board of Directors I would like to Thank all those who have served positions with us. Your time, skills and dedication to the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association has not gone unnoticed. You will always be remembered and appreciated by the members of this Association. We wish you good health and happiness as we look forward to seeing you at our facilities and on the range.



Wendell Smith

President, UHRGA


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ONE EXCITED WINNER TODAYat Barnes Sporting Goods in Corner Brook. CONGRATULATIONS goes to Mr. Sheldon Mosher with ticket number 3832. Mr. Mosher won a Uzkon ZK 11 Semi Automatic 12 gauge shotgun, a floating water proof camoflauge carrying case, a trigger lock, a pair of waterproof Bushnell binoculars 8 x 42, and a $60.00 gifrt certificate from Barnes Sporting goods in Corner Brook. It is a nice package anyone would be proud to own. 

To all who have helped us in any way selling or purchasing these tickets, a hugh Thank You one and all. We will be posting some pictures later. Merry Christmas everyone. 


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To clear up any questions some may have about the recent age reductions. Hope you don’t mind me posting this here, but it may help a few folks out. If at any time you need answers or clarification. Please contact the Wildlife Division.

Small Game Regulations

In addition to the Regulations For All Hunters, these regulations apply to Small Game Hunters.

Age Limit

Youth age 12 to 15 may be issued a licence to shoot small game, coyotes, and wild birds permitted to be harvested under the authority of a Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit during an open season under the following conditions;

•A youth must carry written consent of a parent or person who has custody of the youth;

•A youth must be accompanied by a designated adult;

•A designated adult who is not the parent or person who has custody of the youth must be designated in writing;

•Youth must complete required hunter and firearms training course and;

•Youth and Designated Adult must possess Outdoor Identification Card or equivalent document.

Youth age 16 to 17 may be issued a licence to shoot small game, coyote, fur bearing animals and wild birds permitted to be harvested under the authority of a Migratory Game Bird Permit during the open season without consent to purchase a licence. Youth age 16 to 17 who hold a valid small game, coyote, trapping licence or Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit and who do not possess a Minors Firearms Possession Licence are required to be accompanied and supervised by a fully licenced adult.

Requirements for Designated Adults

A designated adult accompanying a youth for hunting activity must meet the following criteria:

•Must be over the age of 18;

•Must not prohibited from carrying, transporting, possessing or using a firearm or from being a designated adult and;

•Must be eligible for the same type of licence under which the youth is hunting, taking or killing an animal by shooting.

While accompanying a youth hunter, a designated adult shall adhere to the following:

•Remain at arm’s length of the youth; and be able to take control of the firearm if necessary;

•Not accompany and supervise more than two youths at one time;

•Carry evidence of his or her eligibility to hold the same type of licence as the youth hunter (e.g. possess an Outdoor Identification Card or similar document) and;

•If a designated adult is not the parent of the youth hunter a designation in writing is required from the parent or adult who has custody of the youth. The designation in writing must be carried by the youth or designated adult.


Changes to Wildlife Hunting Regulations

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On behalf of the Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, I would like to inform you of today’s announcement involving amendments to our provincial Wild Life Regulations specifically designed to enhance opportunities for youth and for persons with disabilities. These regulations take effect immediately and will add to the many opportunities for both resident and non-resident hunters in our province. The following highlights some of the amendments to the legislation:

Minimum Age Firearms Use Regulations

· Reduced the minimum age allowing youth to hunt small game and waterfowl starting at age 12.

· Reduced the minimum age allowing youth to shoot fur bearing animals on a trapper’s licence starting at age 12.

· Reduced the minimum age allowing youth to hunt big game starting at age 16.

· Youth must be accompanied by a designated adult who is eligible to hunt and use firearms.

· Written consent to purchase a youth licence must be completed by a parent or person who has custody of the youth.

· All persons, including youth, must complete the Canadian Firearms Safety and Hunter Education Course and Trapper

Education Course (Trapping only) to be eligible for a licence.

· A designated adult who is not a parent or person who has custody of the youth must be designated in writing.

Program for Hunters with a Disability (Big Game)

· Amended the section allowing a designated hunter hunting on behalf of a person with a disability to keep that person within sight or within 800 meters, whichever is greater, while hunting big game. Additional provisions for person with disabilities will also be developed in advance of the 2018-19 big game licence draw that give priority access to problem farm moose or moose that are put down by a Departmental wildlife officer.

For more information, please visit http://www.releases.gov.nl.ca/releases/2017/ffa/1027n01.aspx


Blair Adams

Director of Forestry and Wildlife Research

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

As many of you know these changes have been made as a result of ongoing efforts for quite some time and much work has gone into creating these increased opportunities for participation in hunting activities.

Please note that these changes are effective immediately and youth who wish to participate in small and big game hunting are required to abide by the following:

• A youth must carry written consent of a parent or person who has custody of the youth;

• A youth must be accompanied by a designated adult;

• A designated adult who is not the parent or person who has custody of the youth must be designated in writing;

• Youth must complete required hunter and firearms training courses and trapper education courses; and

• Youth and designated adult must possess Outdoor Identification Card or equivalent document.

More details are available through our website in the press release and backgrounder information. Please visit the following link to access these documents: http://www.releases.gov.nl.ca/releases/2017/ffa/1027n01.aspx As there is a requirement for youth to have consent and accompaniment of an adult a standard consent and designation form is also available online at: http://www.flr.gov.nl.ca/wildlife/trapping/Youth%20Hunter%20or%20Trapper%20Consent-Adult%20Designation%20Form.pdf

There will be new policy direction as a result of these changes that will be circulated in the coming days.


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Here are the links to the News Release by Minister Gerry Byrne this morning in Corner Brook regarding Youth hunting and a program for hunters with disabilities.