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Posted by smith.wendell1@gmail.com on January 25, 2019 at 9:30 AM

Hello Fellow Members.

We trust that the New Year will be bringing you good health and prosperity. We hope you have lots of time with your Family and Friends out and about the country side, on the rivers, streams, and forests of this great province. Whatever your preference of enjoying the great out doors, Please take some time to join us at our facilities, on the range and grounds during our events throughout this year. I wish to Thank each of you for being a part of the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association in the past and for your continued support.


It is good to acknowledge the growing number of our sponsors, supporters, and user groups for the continued interests in our services and programs. For the many businesses who have given generously of their time, contributions and prizes towards our events and continue to do so even in these trying economic times. We appreciate their interest and every effort towards our objectives and programs. This is what makes it so much easier towards putting off programs and recreational sporting events that we share with you, our members, and invite the community to come along and join us.

It is also important to acknowledge the volunteers who support us on an ongoing bases. Wether it be during our Youth events, sporting events, cleaning up of our grounds, maintenance issues, running some event, or chairing a position...your services to the Association does not go unnoticed. Thanks to each of you.


For all those who have just recently joined the UHRGA, these are our team members who have served on the Executive and Board of Directors for 2018:


• Wendell Smith President

• John Anstey Vice President

• xxxxxxxxx Secretary

• Joan Saunders Acting Treasurer

• Brian Manual Sergeant at Arms


• Alfred Ford Director

• Sam Butt Director

• Ivan Nichols Director

• Eugene Tiller Director

• Tony Wiseman Director

• Wilfred Rideout Director

• Sherman Peddle Director and Membership Chairperson

• Myron King Director and IPSC Chairperson

Range Committee members are;

• Tony Wiseman Chairperson

• Ed Andrews

• Daniel Whelan

• Sherman Peddle

• Wendell Smith


Trap Committee Chairperson; Louis Fequet,

with Ed Andrews being an alternate


Bookings and Rentals John Randell


Many "Thanks" to all for the great work done by this group over the past year.



Trap shooting events are usually scheduled for the summer on Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM. This will usually start around May month depending on weather conditions. Later in the year with the reduced evening light, these events will be done on Sunday afternoons.


Trap shooting has been bringing in more shooters especially over this past season. This is primarily due to the continued efforts of the Trap persons. Dave Batstone, Louis Fequet and Ed Andrews have been extremely supportive of our Trap events and continue to run and promote Trap shootin.

With all this activity we look forward to the possibility of obtaining equipment and getting our second trap machine in place. This will allow our novice shooters some time for practice to gain experience before joining the team with our more seasoned shooters. This will also allow us to have more shooters participating for the same time frame.


Dave Batstone had taken some time off from the Trap Chairperson position this season with Louis Fequet taking over. Ed Andrews filled in if Louis was unavailable to run Trap sessions. They have all done and continue to do exceptional work for the Association. We always looked forward to Ed's colourful emails and commentary. Thanks Guys!


Any one interested in becoming part of the trap team or coming along to try out the activity are asked to contact us and we will pass along your information to the group. Ladies are always welcome and a few participate in this fun shooting activity on a regular basis.

The cost for a round of trap (25 targets) has been maintained at $5.00 over the past number of years. While we are making arrangements for our clay order for this season, we are hopeful that we may be able to continue with the same user costs. One of the biggest factors in governing this trap fee would be the freight costs absorbed as we have to pass this along to our end users. We are hopeful that we can obtain our stock without an increase as we have been able to do from our previous orders.

The inventory stock has been reviewed from this past season and orders will be made early 2019 in plenty of time for the first shooting activity.

We must "Thank" Ed Strickland and other members of the Stephenville Shooting Club for being a big part of our regular shooting activity and their continued support to our club. We also have our members visit the Stephenville Club for regular trap shooting activity. It is good to see such interaction and have such mutual support within our clubs.



Remember that guests who wish to shoot and are not members of another club are required to pay a $5.00 for the day. As the NFA have no requirement now to collect the insurance fee per guest per day, it was agreed by the board that we continue with the fee which will go towards the contributions collected by the UHRGA towards the donations made to either the Janeway Hospital or the Western Memorial Hospital Foundation. This would surely be beneficial to all our community.



We will be having a Memorial Day Trap shoot again this summer. Date of the event is to be scheduled and posted accordingly.

This past years event was held on Sunday, August 19th, 2018 with a good attendance.


All are Welcome to come along and take part in our Memorial TRAP Shooting event. Thanks to Louis Fequet and the Trap Team for coordinating the event.



at the UPPER HUMBER ROD and GUN ASSOCIATION were held in September. This is an annual event usually held a week or so prior to the hunting season.


During this time period, the club members assisted many hunters to sight in their firearms prior to hunting season. This has helped with marksmanship skills ensuring proper shot placement and hopefully a successful hunting season with no losses or wounded animals escaping. This has alerted some of you to hidden problems with firearms or scopes. This gave those hunters time to correct those issues before the hunting season started. This has been a really invaluable and important service to the hunting community where our members and guests really appreciated our assistance.


Please remember that any time you visit with us;


Hunters, members, and guests are responsible for the safe transport of all their firearms to and from the facility and to make sure you carry with you your current club membership card and NFA insurance card. Your membership card gives you the permission required for your non-restricted firearms.

Restricted firearms require other permission. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the required documents with you for the firearms you are transporting.

For those who are not members please be sure to pick up your permits to carry your firearms to the range from the authorities. Permits are available from the RNC, The Dept. of Fisheries and Land Resources, the Dept. of Natural Resources, and the Dept. of Justice.

PLEASE BRING ALONG ADEQUATE AMMO for your sight-in purposes.


While at the range ... Hearing and Eye protection is mandatory for everyone near any shooting area and those must be worn at all times during any shooting activity. The club has a supply of the safety equipment on hand which should be adequate for our scheduled sanctioned events but will depend on the numbers of people present. You should always bring along safety equipment for yourself and your guests at any time you visiting the range. Be Prepared.

Contact us for more information at :

John Randell ............635-5415

Wendell Smith .........686-5228

Sherman Peddle .......215-0254

Dan Whelan .............634-2847

Tony Wiseman..........635 7179

John Anstey..............635-5460


On the weekend of May 26-27 / 2018 IPSC NL put of a course for the Black Badge Certification. It was a great weekend of learning and shooting. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful time and fellowship. Other IPSC shooting match events were held monthly at the club from June to October. It was great to have the IPSCNL Team over from St. Johns to put of the course to train our members. It is good to see this activity growing at our club. Thanks to all involved in doing the training; the instructors, and to Myron King for being our UHRGA IPSC Chairperson.

***UHRGA Members and their guests are welcomed to drop by to the grounds to view those exciting competition matches. These events will be posted to our Scheduled events on our website calendar as they become available from the IPSC team.


Only those persons who have done the Black Badge Certification and IPSC training can participate in the events. If you are interested in this activity, then contact myself or Myron directly. myron.king4@gmail.com


During any IPSC event, you must not enter the range or interfere with range activity. The RSO has FULL CONTROL over the event and you. Please follow all instructions given and stay well behind any barriers put in place for your safety.



Youth Skills Event ....

This years event was held on Saturday, August 25 with wonderful participation form our youth. The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources - Wildlife Division partnered with us again this summer for a full-day youth event. Everyone had a wonderful day and enjoyed the program. We also welcomed Delta Water Fowl as a sponsor to our youth hunter programs both at the facility and later in the fall with the Exchange program.


In attendance for the Youth Hunter Skills Day was Archery Instructor Fred Carberry, members of the Bay of Islands Search and Rescue team who did the outdoor wilderness awareness and survival training, media from the Western Star, members of the Dept. of the Fisheries and Land Resources -Wildlife Division, members from Delta Waterfowl, Firearms Instructors, members of the Stephenville Shooting Club, and members of the Bay of Islands Rod and Gun Club, as well as our own volunteers.


***All firearms, archery equipment, and related safety gear was

provided by the "The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources - Wildlife Division.


***Participants learned about wildlife conservation, outdoor safety, wilderness survival, responsible hunting practices, and the minor's Possession Acquisition License Program.


***There were opportunities for youth to win prizes, and those participants between 12 to 17 years old had their name entered in the Youth Hunting and Fishing Exchange Program draw for a chance to participate in hunting or fishing activity in another province.


***During lunch time, a competition to identify animals, ducks and other game birds, the judging of distances to animal and bird silhouettes, and other interesting material was held.

***Youth were given some instruction on using compasses. there was a session on taking and reading compass bearings and giving distances between markers which was part of the competition process.


***See the details below of the Winners of the Youth Hunter Exchange. This came from the Canadian Trapper Magazine.

The CTM pdf file is available at the bottom of this letter. The information was passed along to me from Nathan Spence. I will try to post it to our Photo Gallery as soon as I reslove some computer issues with uploading the file to our website.


Please visit the photo gallery for past years Youth Skills events. Other pictures will be added soon.





During your recent visits you must certainly have noticed that range expansion work has been being ongoing during the summer months for the new 300M rifle range addition.


Tony Wiseman and the members of the Range Committee have been busy up to that point in time when equipment was removed from the area due to excessive water stopping equipment operations. We simply needed to let the area drain. Since that time additional ditching has been added and this proved to be very effective in relieving water levels from the range area.. Work will continue as the weather improves in early summer 2019 and as the area dries up from the winter snow and ice. We do need to cut some wood behind the back stop to allow the contractors equipment to access the area in order to pile the back stop material much higher. To this end, we will be looking for volunteers to help us cut the wood behind the back stop area. We will be sending a separate notice for the timing of this activity. We are looking forward to getting the new range work started again this coming summer as our contractor becomes available. That would be depending on equipment availability as well as weather conditions.

Thanks to everyone on the Range Committee for all the hard work on this very important project. This will be a major and significant improvement to our facilities for your recreational pleasure and will be a great place to practice and improve your marksmanship skills. It will also allow more persons user access at our facilities at the same time period with our multiple ranges.


Notices as to range construction activity or other periodic closures will be posted to our website calendar according as will any range or other maintenance / construction work that would affect activities during your visit.


***New Safety Guidelines and Range Rules will be updated. These will be applied to range activity after the work is completed on the new range. These Guidelines and Rules will be upgraded accordingly as we consult with the CFO and our Range Committee. We are hopeful to have the New Range licensed by this 2019 summer.




Information for our newest members


Remember to keep using the mail box and mail slot at the back bridge of the clubhouse, west end, to register your visits to the UHRGA range.

Your name, the date and time of your visit, which calibers you used, and how many rounds spent should be recorded on those index cards. This information is to be transferred to our log books later by one of our Executive or Board members. This information keeps us in line with the requirements of the CFO. By doing so and in particular should you own restricted or prohibited firearms, you must be able to demonstrate that you have used your firearm/s at an approved, registered and licensed range. This information and our log books has in the past been reviewed by the Canadian Firearms Officials during visits to our ranges and facilities. It is your responsibility to fill in those cards. It is intended for your protection that you follow through with this request.

Remember too that any of your guests regardless if they shoot or not are your responsibility during your visits. Should any of your family members or guests not have an individual UHRGA Membership, then they are asked to pay the daily rate of $5.00 if they wish to do any shooting activity.


***Membership application forms can be found on our website. They are available for New Members, Renewals, Youth and Students. Although they are not yet updated to our web page for 2019, this should be done soon. For this I apologize. Presently my computer has some operating systems issues which I have been trying to resolve. Applications are available upon request.

For post secondary education, a Student ID or proof of registration in an approved post secondary institution, university or college is required. Our NFA insurance now has a $10,000,000 liability policy. That policy can be viewed under the website of the NFA, National Firearms Association.

Here is a link to our membership Applications.




Our BIG GAME COMPETITION will be held on Feb 16th at our facilities on Goose Arm Road in Deer Lake.

The Dinner and Dance will follow on Saturday Feb. 23rd.

Our dinner and dance has always had extraordinary reviews.

Tickets sell swiftly and we fill to capacity. It really is a fun filled evening starting of with a bar service while we mingle with our friends and wait for those delicious BBQ charbroiled steak dinner. Music for the evening will be supplied by DJ--- Earl Blake. Get your tickets soon so you will not miss out on a great evening of fun and entertainment.

2018 Hunting Season big bull.jpg




We have 2 target stands on a cleared field on the Eastern side of the trap ranges. This area is cleared to approximately 100 M. We will need to place adequate targets there for regular target arrows use only. Hunting arrows are not permitted at this time. Keeping safety always in mind, this area will be free for your use...unless there is trap activity....which is usually held Thursday evenings in the summer or Sundays in the last part of the season or special activity days when and where club bookings does not allow access. We advise you to be cautious in this area due to the old pool and ditching that has been left over from years ago. This area to be marked in the future. The old pool is clearly visible and filled with old trees. The ditching may not be so evident during your visit if the grass is high. This could be a temporary setup until other work on the facilities is completed. Please advise me directly if you or others are interested in this activity. Call Wendell at 709 686 5228.



Our annual Rodger Saunders Memorial Dart tournament will be held in mid March at our facilities. This is a wonderful fun day for our local dart players and a wonderful memorial tribute to our Founding member Rodger Saunders.



Anyone wishing to participate in scheduled shooting events for Big Bore and Small Bore 22 are to let us know. With interest we can have regular shoots.


A map and compass course can be held at the club in the near future. I am testing the waters for enough interest. There will be a nominal fee collected for the course. (Fee to be announced) Any one interested, please contact me directly. Please contact Wendell 686 5228


I will put this out there again looking for interested in the other activities.... for our membership and family members. Feedback on possible activities is appreciated.

Canoe Trip


Fly Tying and Casting

Wilderness Survival Training

Day hike in Gros Morne National Park

Visit to Norris Point Marine Centre

Youth Activity





This is our policy from last year which will be updated early in the 2019 year to reflect changes made to NFA insurance policy.


The person accompanying the youth member must have a valid firearms license (PAL) to possess and transport firearms which may be used on Association ranges.

The person accompanying the youth member must either:

have an Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association membership, which includes National Firearms Association (NFA) liability insurance and permission to transport a firearm between a home and the Association ranges;


OR pay for NFA insurance of $5 per day and obtain a permit to transport a non-restricted firearm from home to the Association ranges. If the firearm is restricted the accompanying person must obtain an Authorization to Transport (ATT) from the Canadian Firearms Centre in order to legally transport a restricted firearm from a home to the Association ranges.


The youth accompanied must either:

be a Youth Member of the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association, which includes National Firearms Association (NFA) liability insurance and permission to transport a firearm between a home and the Association ranges, provided he/she is of legal age to do so and has a valid firearms license (PAL);


OR pay for NFA insurance of $5 per day and obtain a permit to transport a non-restricted firearm from home to the Association ranges, provided he/she is of legal age to do so and has a valid firearms license (PAL). If the firearm is restricted the accompanying person must obtain an Authorization to Transport (ATT) from the Canadian Firearms Centre in order to legally transport a restricted firearm from a home to the Association ranges, provided he/she is of legal age to do so and has a valid firearms license (PAL);


If there is only one accompanying adult, no more than two youth shooters may be permitted to shoot at the firing line at one time and both must be supervised at all times. The accompanying person must be within arm’s length of the person(s) shooting. Any other youths not shooting must be supervised at all times and be relocated to a safe distance well behind the covered shooting line. More than two shooters may be accommodated on the shooting line at one time provided every two shooters has an accompanying adult to supervise their shooting.


The Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association is not responsible for any accidents that could occur while youth shooters are under the supervision of the accompanying adult. The accompanying adult is responsible for the youth shooters at all times while on Association property



Town of Deer Lake Students


We have again made application for students on the range again for this summer to help keep our grounds and facilities clean and tidy. Thanks to the Town of Deer Lake, we share them through a Summer Student employment program.


Petition against Bill C71

It is important that we stick together with firearms issues and oppose Bill C71.The petition to sign is found on the internet or other places. If you have not yet taken the time to sign the petition against Bill C-71, then we urge you to do so at your earliest convenience. Legal Firearms owners across Canada need to be voiced on a common ground.





Stay Safe Everyone and Enjoy your outdoor activities!


Wendell Smith

President, UHRGA

Deer Lake, NL


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