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Posted by smith.wendell1@gmail.com on August 11, 2022 at 11:55 AM

Good Day Everyone, 

This coming week will be a Maintenance and upgrade week for us.
From 7AM Monday August 15 to Friday August 19 at 4pm we will be doing maintenance on all our ranges, grounds and buildings. We will have equipment down range ditching and doing repairs with rock removal, banking of slopes, etc., so the ranges will be shut down during any equipment operating times and with our students on the property which will most likely be in line with that of the operator. 
We will have students on site each day starting at 8 Am until about 4.30PM. They will assist with painting of our building and other tasks associated with their employment with us until the allowable hours are reached. We have been in discussions with the Town of Deer Lake with whom we share a Summer Student Employment program.  This is an annual thing with us and the Town.

Our Steel Challenge team will have an event starting at 6 PM on Monday August 15. This will not be affected by our activity.
Our Trap team will have a trap shooting event on Thursday starting at 6.30 PM. This will not be affected by our activity. 
Anyone interested in these sport shooting activities are encouraged to contact us to have your name and contact information forwarded to the team of interest for events and notices pertaining to these activities. Yes, we do have lady shooters as well. 

We will begin our SIGHT IN DAYS which will be open to our membership and the general public hunting community on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings sometime after 4PM (That time will be determined from our equipment operator and will be posted in a later memo.) 

We will proceed with our SIGHT IN activity on each scheduled day as daylight hours allow. AUGUST 16, 17, 19, 22, and 23.

Our sight in Days activity will not be operating on Thursday in order to accommodate our regular trap shooting activity commencing at 6:30 PM. 
Sight in Days for Friday will be at the same time as Tuesday and Wednesday, which will most likely start at 4.30 or 5PM.
Sight in Days will continue on Monday August 22 from 1pm until 4:30PM before the Steel Challenge Event gets under way. This time may vary slightly due to set up times required for the Steel Challenge event that follows.
We will conclude our Sight in Days on Tuesday August 23 with an afternoon or evening schedule.
Even though we do not wish to have the entire range operating time tied up, this is a service to our membership and gives the entire hunting community guests an opportunity to check out their firearms equipment and marksmanship abilities in a safe environment prior to going hunting and allows them a chance to address any issue with firearms, ammunition or other equipment in time to have it corrected before the hunting season.
More to follow in our next email and Posts with the times and schedules.

Maintenance on our buildings will include but may not be limited to;
Caulking around windows, doors, seams, prior to painting
Nailing in any loose siding boards.
Replace damaged or rotted boards around the east side door.
Replace damaged or rotted boards elsewhere
Repair Doors and replace hinges on the main door to the building.
Painting of the main building will be done by our students. Of course they will be assisting in                              other tasks as well should that be completed in a timely manner. We may need to assist them in higher than reachable areas where safety concerns for them would not permit.
Grounds work. Picnic tables and benches repaired and painted if required.
                        Shooting platforms to be assembled
                        Steps to the trap house to be replaced
                        Trap gun racks to be painted/ stained
                        Other tasks as time and people allow
Please contact us to let us know your available time for SIGHT IN DAYS so we can schedule you in.
Please Let us know when you are available to assist us with maintenance during this downtime. Even if you do not get a chance to contact us, grab any tools that you feel you may be needing and come along to join in the activities in making our facilities a more eye pleasing, enjoyable and safe place to come for a day of range activity and enjoyment.  You can contact us here through this email, or by the numbers provided below.
Wendell Smith.    709 686 5228
Sam Butt             709 636 6749
John Randell       709 635 5415
Brian Manuel       709 636 0298
John Anstey.        709 636 2595
Chris Brake          709 571 0334
We will need to know as soon as possible.
We will update the calendar with this event as information and feedback comes in. 

We are planning a QUAD and ATV ride in the near future depending on the amount of interest shown. This is to be a fundraiser with a poker run and a 50/50 draw. Let us know if you, your family and friends are interested in joining us. Where we will be headed on our ride is to be being discussed.

We will also be having a BBQ STEAK DINNER and DANCE in late October. Keep a watchful eye out for available tickets over the next month.

Thanks for all your Wonderful Help everyone! 

It is because of volunteers like you, that groups and organizations such as ours can provide an opportunity to have an enjoyable recreation facility and feel safe and comfortable while spending time with us. We appreciate every effort.

Have a Great Day Everyone. Stay Safe !

Wendell Smith
Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association
Deer Lake, NL
A8A 3H9

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