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Meeting Cancelled / Range Usage/ Covid-19 Action Plan

Posted by smith.wendell1@gmail.com on March 31, 2020 at 8:25 AM

Due to the Covid -19 pandemic our regular monthly meeting will be cancelled until further notice.


The business of the Association is ongoing via phone calls and email services with our membership, guests, user booking groups, and so many others.


We apologize for all the inconveniences this has caused.


The range is open for your use following the posted Covid-19 Action Plan Directives. 2 large poster boards are at the club and range as well as being posted on this site and our Face Book page. This notice is subject to change according to recommendations of our Governments and Health Departments.

Respect other members, guests, and users by keeping your safe distance. Groups must not be more than10 using safe distancing measures. We recommend much much smaller groups. 


We replaced some of the railings and target boards for your usage and the road has been cleared. We recognize that everyone is home from working and would like to get out side but please do so safely.


We wish everyone to Stay Safe and Practice all the health safety precautions including safe distancing measures as recommended by the Provincial and Federal Governments and our Dept of Health to help in preventing any further spreading of the virus. If you had not read the Covid-19 Action Plan, Please do so now. You will find it below. Thank You.. Stay Safe and Take Good Care everyone.



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