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Covid-19 Action Plan Update

Posted by smith.wendell1@gmail.com on May 1, 2020 at 11:40 AM

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 Due to the Covid-­‐19 virus and the declaration of a Public Health  Emergency by the Province of Newfoundland Labrador, The Executive  and Board of the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association has enacted  a  "Covid-­‐19 Action Plan” for our Association. Taking into account the  level  system for Alert Awareness which is now at Level 5. On May 11 if  conditions allow us, we move to Alert Awareness Level 4. 

 Taking in account Health Canada’s guidance that outdoor activities have  a lower risk and that they still recommend social distancing, we present  these directives:

• UHRGA will suspend all group activities and rentals indefinitely. The  clubhouse will remain closed until further notice. Currently under review.

• Continued use of ranges by members in groups of 5 persons or less  during a "Level 5" Alert Awareness.

  On May 11th should our Province permitt a "Level 4"  then 10  persons    max will be permitted under that level of Awareness.

• Social distancing shall be maintained by all range users. Protect  yourself and others, Wearing a mask is safe practise.  

• Use only every second shooting platform and/or maintain safe social  distance between each person including those at shooting positions.

• Members/guests are responsible for their own hand washing measures  / sanitization and each person will assume any and all risks when          touching any surfaces including locks, doors, tables, chairs, and  surfaces. It is a good idea to bring along cleaning/disinfectants.

• Leave nothing behind, everything you bring in you bring out including    shell casings, cartridges and boxes, drink bottles and cans.

• If someone or group is using the range, please consult from a distance  and wait in your vehicle / safe area until they are finished.

• Please be respectful of others waiting.

• Memberships will continue. Contact myself directly for any issues or  concerns.

• We will review/renew our action plan every 2 weeks but may be    changed or cancelled at the discretion of the UHRGA Executive and  Board, direction of Health Canada, or our Provincial Government where  Government Regulations will be proclaimed the rule of the day. Keep  yourself informed. 

• These are trying times. We are all trying to do our part in preventing the  spread of the virus so that we do not overwhelm our Health Care system  and all of its workers while protecting those we love. In Newfoundland  and Labrador, we have been  doing well, lets keep it that way. Thank you  for doing your part.

Thanks and Stay Safe!

Wendell Smith Pres.,

UHRGA 709 686 5228

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