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Posted by smith.wendell1@gmail.com on August 7, 2022 at 12:30 AM

Steel Challenge

shoot will be held this coming Monday August 8th. Everyone is welcome to come participate and try out this sport. Fee is $5 for members and $15 for non members. Acceptable equipment would be any pistol or rifle chambered in 22LR or any normal pistol caliber (no magnums please).  It is preferable to have five magazines as that will provide a smoother and more efficient to series of strings while at the line. 

Planning to start at 6:00pm. Please arrive early if you plan on shooting and to help set up to get started on time so we can take advantage of all remaining daylight. Spectators are always welcome. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for all shooters and spectators. 

Also, for those who shoot IPSC or are interested in the sport. Our dates for August and September are changed, we will be having a Match on Saturday August 20, and a practice day on Sunday August 21. For September, our practice day will be a single day on Sunday September 11. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Chris Brake

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