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177 Goose Arm Rod, Deer Lake,

NLWeb Site: http://www.upperhumberrodandgun.com

MEMORIAL SHOOT  Sunday, August 09, 2020


The Memorial Shoot is an invitational trap-shooting event sponsored by the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association to honour and remember those members of the club who participated in trap shooting and who have passed on. 

Date:                           Sunday, August 09, 2020·         

One day shoot only.·         

Shoot program subject to change depending on the number of registered shooters. 

Registration:              09:30 a.m. at the trap range

Start Time:                10:00 a.m. (Trap Range #2 west)


Singles  ̶  50 targetsHandicap  ̶  50 targetsDoubles  ̶  50 targets 

Cost:                           Clay Targets:  $30.00 (covers the cost of the clays) 


Given that we are still under Covid-19 regulations, shooters should bring along their own lunch and beverage. Lunch may also be purchased at any of the Deer Lake food outlets that are open for business.  No food or dessert is provided.  To adhere to social distancing the Association has a number of new outdoor picnic tables and benches for use at lunch. Clubhouse bathroom facilities are available, subject to the Covid-19 guidelines  outlined in this email (below the shoot program). 


Please provide your own ammunition·         12 or 20 gauge target loads only·         shot size #7 ½ or #8                       

Additional Fees:      

 A daily fee of $5.00 must be paid by each person who is not a member of the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association.                      

Contact Person:        George Alteen, Sr. (709) 639-9670, 

e-mail: gmalteen50@hotmail.com  

This event is intended to be a fun shoot to participate in and enjoy. Five person relay teams selected by a draw of registered names.  Each name will be drawn in turn to select the members of each team (e.g., first name drawn for team #1, second name drawn for team #2, etc.) until all team relays are filled.  The number of teams will depend on the number of registrants.  If a team is a person short, a volunteer from another team may shoot as a substitute on that team. However, this will require more ammunition for the volunteer team participant! To be awarded overall “Top Gun” (male and female) or “Top Gun Team”, a registered shooter/team must compete in and complete all events (singles, handicap, and doubles).

Please remember that this is a fun event, so regardless of trap shooting skills, we are looking for and encouraging full participation. While there are no official awards, the winning team (Top Gun Team) will have their names inscribed on the perpetual Memorial Shoot Trophy and the Top Gun (male and female) will have his/her name inscribed on a plaque for overall high gun.  Certificates will be presented to the Top Gun (male and female) and Top Gun Teamwinners. Photographs collected will be posted to the club web site.  

NOTE:  In allowing your photograph to be taken, you hereby give permission to have it posted at the Upper Humber Road and Gun Association web site.  If you do not wish to have your photograph posted, please advise the Trap Chair (George Alteen, Sr.) 

ACCESS TO UPPER HUMBER ROD AND GUN ASSOCIATION CLUB BATHROOMS during the competition shoots we will have access to the male and female bathrooms in the Upper Humber Rod and Gun Association clubhouse. Sanitizers and rubber gloves will be available for use in the bathrooms.  There should be ample supplies provided by the Association.  Clubhouse access is for bathroom use only; all other areas of the clubhouse are unavailable for use. 

The following are the guidelines for bathroom use under Covid-19.·         One person only per bathroom at a time.·         Only one sink and one toilet are available for use. In the male bathroom, the urinals will not be used. If one toilet malfunctions, that area will be closed off and another stall will be used. 

Please advise if a malfunction occurs.· Please sanitize the area to be used before and after use, and any doorknobs, etc. that may be touched. It might be a good idea to bring extra toilet paper, paper towels, rubber gloves and sanitizer for use while at the range, and in case we do run out. 

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